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Morgan Hill, California

Guild Logo - two interlocking quilt squares

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Block of the Month

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Block of the Month Procedures

BOM Jan for Feb 2017 BOM Jan for Feb 2016 BOM Nov 2014 for Jan 2015 BOM Nov for Jan 2014
BOM Feb for Mar 2017 BOM Feb for Mar 2016 BOM Jan for Feb 2015 BOM Jan for Feb 2014
BOM Mar for Apr 2017 BOM Mar for Apr 2016 BOM Feb for Mar 2015 BOM Feb for Mar 2014
BOM Apr for May 2017 BOM Apr for May 2016 BOM Mar for Apr 2015 BOM Mar for Apr 2014
BOM May for Jun 2017 BOM May for Jun 2016 BOM Apr for May 2015 BOM Apr for May 2014
BOM June for July 2017 BOM Jun for Jul 2016 BOM May for Jun 2015 BOM May for Jun 2014
BOM July for August 2017 BOM Jul for Aug 2016 BOM June for July 2015 BOM Jun for Jul 2014
BOM Aug for Sept 2017 BOM Aug for Sep 2016   BOM Jul for Aug 2014
BOM Sep for Oct 2017 BOM Sep for Oct 2016 BOM Aug for Sep 2015 BOM Aug for Sep 2014
BOM Oct for Nov 2017 BOM Oct for Nov 2016 BOM Sep for Oct 2015 BOM Sep for Oct 2014
  BOM Nov for Jan 2017 BOM Oct for Nov 2015 BOM Oct for Nov 2014
      BOM Nov for Jan 2015


BOM for Dec 2012-Jan 2013 BOM for Dec 2011-Jan 2012 BOM for January 2011 BOM for September 2010
BOM for February2013 BOM for February 2012 BOM for February 2011 BOM for October 2010
BOM for March 2013 BOM for March 2012 BOM for March 2011 BOM for November 2010
BOM for April 2013 BOM for April-2012 BOM for April 2011  
BOM for May 2013 BOM for May 2012 BOM for May 2011  
BOM for June 2013 BOM for June 2012 BOM for June 2011  
BOM-Bingo-July 2013 BOM for July 1012 BOM for July 2011  
BOM for August 2013 BOM for August 2012 BOM for August 2011  
BOM for September 2013 BOM for September 2012 BOM for September 2011  
BOM for October 2013 BOM for October 2012 BOM for October 2011  
BOM for November 2013 BOM for November 2012 BOM for November 2011  
BOM for Dec 2013-Jan 2014 BOM for Dec 2012-Jan 2013 BOM for Dec 2011-Jan 2012